2019-2Q: SIMPLer: Address Lookup - Loqate Integration

A new feature has been to allow Operators to integrate with Loqate - service that looks up the address information including UPRN etc. In order to start using the integration Operator needs to have an account with Loqate product (https://www.loqate.com/en-us/) and get the API key.

To make use of this feature:

1. Get API key from Loqate

2. Go to Settings -> 3rd Party Modules in SIMPLer

Fig 2 Settings -> 3rd Party Modules

3. Enter API key:

Fig 3 Settings -> 3rd Party Modules

4. Once it is setup if you go to add/modify customer you should see the box to search for an address. Start typing address and you will see the proposed addresses returned:

Fig 4. Address Search Boxes

Published Date: 2019-04-23

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