2017 2Q: Network: rncontrol API support


Support has been added to allow SIMPLer to interface to ReadyNet's TR-069 management platform - www.rncontrol.com. Once enabled, any suitable pieces of equipment added to SIMPLer will automatically be provisioned on the rncontrol management system. Links to the management URL will be included in the equipment details section of the customers details page in SIMPLer.

Enabling the API

In order to interface to rncontrol, API details must be entered in SIMPLer in Settings -> External API (triggers).

    • In the Triggers portion, ensure that the "Equipment Change" trigger is enabled:

    • Under the Trigger Endpoint Definitions section, click Add Blank Row and select "ReadyNet rncontrol TR-069 API" and fill in the API username and password:

  • Click Update Trigger Settings.

Adding Equipment

Any suitable equipment added to SIMPLer will automatically be provisioned on rncontrol via the API. At present equipment of type ReadyNet Router is supported - others will be added as required. When adding equipment, the following details must be supplied as these are required by the API: nickname, serial number, MAC address. The may be entered via Network -> Equipment Details, or via the Provision w/o CPE tool from the customer details page:

Displaying Management Page

Once suitable equipment has been added to a customers account, a new "M" (manage) button will appear to the right of the equipment details. Clicking this button will open a separate browser window and connect to the equipment management page: