2015-3Q: CRM: Community Codes editable table

A new option has been added to the Settings -> Community Codes section of SIMPLer (see Fig. 1) where an operator can define his own set of Community Codes.

Fig. 1: Community Codes

Once the operator arrives on the community codes table, new codes can be defined by clicking on the "add blank row" button, and changes saved by clicking "update table". See Fig. 2 for some examples.

Fig. 2: New Community Codes

Once a Community Code table is defined a respective field under the GENERAL tab of the modify customer details page will change to a DropDown box with a Predictive text entry allowing the operator to type the first few letters of a community code and select the correct codes from the menu. The best way to use the combo box is to type the first letters of the code and use the arrows on your keyboard to scroll down to the code of your choice. Clicking the enter key will select the code highlighted.

Fig. 3: Customer General Details - Community Code