2014-1Q: Network: Support for Netflow Export

SIMPLer and WIB firmware have been updated to support the export of Netflow v5 data. This will allow and operator to log data flows from their network to an external Netflow server - either for ongoing analysis of their network, or for long term storage of customer usage as might be required by law.

Please Note: WIB firmware version 20131211 (or later) is required. If you would like your WIBs updated to the latest firmware, please contact support@azotel.com

  • To enable the feature, go to Network -> Gateway details in SIMPLer and click on the desired WIB. Scroll down to the "Nprobe (netflow) Options" at the bottom of the page:

  • Click the "Nprobe Enabled" checkbox, and fill in the other parameters as required - the help-text for each give the permitted values and default values. The only mandatory parameter is the IP address of the external server which will log the data.

  • Once done, click "Update" and then go to the Tools menu and "Update WIB files".

Please note that the WIB only generates the netflow exports - the operator is responsible for supplying the external server to log the data. The WIB has been tested with the following network monitoring software, but should work with any monitoring software which supports Netflow v5 data:

  • PRTG: http://www.paessler.com/prtg

  • Scrutinizer NetFlow Analyzer (http://www.plixer.com/Scrutinizer-Netflow-Sflow/scrutinizer-flow-analyzer.html

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