2010-2Q: SIMPLer: Virtual WIBs

Updates have been applied to the SIMPLer Platform that will now allow SIMPLer to provision and monitor equipment without the use of a WIB. Please keep in mind however that even though the provisioning will work many important functions aren't available without the use of the WIB. Below are some of the features that are not available when using vWIB:

    • Network Health Monitoring

    • Customer Traffic Graphs and Usage

    • Traffic Shaping

If the operator's network already has systems in place that will allow them to do the above then this update may be a good way to reduce adding equipment that is duplicating existing functionality.

To add a vWIB go to the network->Gateways details and click Add. Enter all data as if you were setting up a physical WIB but set the WIB Type to be "virtual". This will modify the behavior of SIMPLer with relation to this WIB. SIMPLer will not attempt to update vWIBs, it will not attempt to collect statistics for equipment assigned to customers on the vWIB, and the WIB will be removed from the Network Health Monitor.

Figure 1 - Creating a Virtual WIB

Even though the customers traffic can no longer be tracked SIMPLer is able to track the traffic for each Canopy Subscriber Module if customer graphing is enabled. RSSI and Jitter are also still monitored.

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