2019-2Q: SIMPLer: Franchise Tax (On Top of Invoice)

A new feature has been added to enhance tax functionality. It allows for an operator to create so called "Franchise Fee/Tax" which is calculated based on the total amount of the invoice

To make use of this feature:

1. Under Settings -> Tax Zones define the "Franchise Description" and "Franchise Tax Rate"

Fig. 1. Definition of Franchise Description/Rate

2. When generating an invoice for a customer who belongs to the TAX zone (note: it should also pick it up if using autotax feature) with Franchise Rate defined it will calculate and add the position to the invoice as shown on the example below:

Fig 2 Franchise Fee displayed

Fig 3 Franchise Fee as invoice position

Published Date: [20190605]

Change History Log:

[pawel 20190605] published

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