2016-4Q: SIMPLer: Ability to Customize Reasons for Custom Credits

SIMPLer has been updated to allow operators to define a set number of values for the "description" field in the custom credits (last 5 credits section) that can be added to a customer account. If these values are not customized, the credit description will remain as free text.

To customize the credit description please click directly on the Settings tab in SIMPLer. On the left-hand side you should then click on the "Credit Descriptions" button.

Fig. 1: Settings - Credit Descriptions

To add a new credit description click on "add blank row" and to register the newly added description please click "update table".

Fig. 2: Credit Descriptions

Now, when adding a custom credit from the "last 5 credits" section of the customer record, you can select the credit description from the pre-defined drop-down menu.

Fig. 3: Credit Description Drop-Down