2018 3Q: Network: GenieACS and AVM Fritz!Box 4040 support


Support has been added to allow SIMPLer to provision and manage Fritz!Box 4040 modems using a GenieACS TR-069 server (https://genieacs.com/). Once enabled any Fritz!Box 4040 modem added to a customer account will have a script pushed to the GenieACS TR-069 server to provision the modem with the following parameters

      • WiFi SSID

      • PPPoE Username / Password

      • Upload / Download speeds

      • Remote Access port set to 8080

In addition, a link to "manage" the modem has been added to the customer details page.

Enabling the API

In order to interface to GenieACS, API details must be entered in SIMPLer in Settings -> External

API (triggers).

  • In the Triggers portion, ensure that the "Customer Details Change" AND "Customer CPE Change" triggers are both enabled:

    • Under the Trigger Endpoint Definitions section click Add Blank Row and select "GenieACS TR-069 API" and fill in the "Fail Notification Email" with the email address to receive any API errors and "genieacs_URL" with the URL of the GenieACS API endpoint.

  • Click Update Trigger Settings.

WISP Settings

A new field has been added to the WISP settings (Settings -> Modify WISP) to allow the default WiFi SSID to be specified for newly added equipment. This parameter will be pushed to provisioned modems by the ACS server. It is possible to over ride the default value when adding individual pieces of equipment.

Adding Equipment

Any suitable equipment added to a customer CPE table in SIMPLer will automatically have a provisioning scripts pushed to the GenieACS server. At present equipment of type "AVM Fritz!Box 4040" is supported - others will be added as required. When adding equipment the following details must be supplied as they are required by the API: Type, Serial Number and WiFi SSID (defaults to value from WISP settings)

In addition the customer must be assigned to a bucket (so the upload download speeds can be read) and must have exactly one RADIUS username / password configured on their account.

Management Page

Once suitable equipment has been added to a customers account, a new "M" (manage) button will appear to the right of the equipment details. Clicking on this button will open a separate browser window and display a page showing details for the modem, including the current remote management state (enabled / disabled), remote management username and password and a link to the remote management page. Remote management can be enabled / disabled by clicking the link and the modem can also be rebooted.