2016-1Q: CRM: Maintenance Types Customization

Further flexibility has been added to the maintenance types in SIMPLer. The maintenance ticket types are available under Maintenance -> Ticket Types (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1: Ticket Types

Some of the types available in the system are DEFAULT types and so cannot be deleted. You will have the following options available on this page:

  1. Add a New Type. (Fig. 2 - RED Box)

  2. Add / Remove subtypes associated to TYPES. (Fig. 2 - GREEN Box)

  3. Delete a Non-Default Type. (Fig. 2 - BLUE Box)

  4. Move a default type from ACTIVE to HIDDEN to de-activate them and hide from view for your users. (Fig. 2 - PURPLE Box)

Fig. 2: Maintenance Types Page

1. Adding a New Type:

Simply Click the "Add New Type" button shown in RED in Fig. 2. Once on the next page you will be able to type your new type name into the "Maintenance Type" field. If you are finished, simply click OK. If you would like to add subtypes immediately just add the subtype in the blank box above the "add subtype" and "delete" button. Once the subtype was added you can add more, or click OK to save all changes.

Fig. 3: Add Type

2. Add / Remove Subtypes:

To add a new subtype to an existing type click the "add subtype" button as shown in Fig. 4.

Fig. 4: Add Subtype

In the next box enter your subtype and click OK once finished per Fig. 5.

Fig. 5: New Subtype

If you need to delete a subtype please click on the relevant subtype and click "delete subtype" per Fig. 6.

Fig. 6: Delete Subtype

3. Deleting a non-default type:

To DELETE a non default type simply click the "delete" button beside the type. (Fig. 7).

Fig. 7: Delete Subtype

You will get a popup asking to confirm it is OK to delete the type, and you can proceed.

4. Moving a default type from active to hidden:

Any default type that you would like to HIDE from the system you can move the drop-down from "active" to "hidden" on the maintenance types menu and click "update". (Fig. 8)

Fig. 8: Hide Default Types