2010-4Q: SIMPLer: Customer Groups

Some enhancements have been made to this feature in 2014-3Q and are documented here!

1. Overview

Customer groups feature allows operator to create custom group definitions. A customer account can be assigned to multiple groups. The groups than can be used to generate custom searches

2. Customer Groups

Customer groups can be defined from the “Groups” page located in the “Customer” section of the “Settings” page in the SIMPLer system.

Figure 2-1 Accessing the “Customer Groups” page

Each group entry is defined by two parameters:

  • Name – (mandatory) unique group name under which it will be represented in SIMPLer. The name paramenter will be used to generate searchboxes

  • Description – this attribute is optional. It can be used to add a description to the group

Note: The feature will remain disabled unless there is at least one group defined under the operator account

Figure 2-2 “Customer Groups” page

3. Customer Page

Customer details” page lists the groups customer is assigned to in the “General” section.

Figure 3-1 “Customer Details” page

Groups customer is assigned to can be defined under the “General” tab of the “Modify Customer” page.

Note: Multiple groups can be assigned to the customer account. Click the group names holding the CTRL key to select multiple positions

Figure 3-2 “Modify Customer” page

4. Customer Search

The group parameter can be used to generate customised searches.

Note: If no group is selected the “group” parameter will be left out in the search

Figure 4-1 “Search Engine” page