2020-2Q: Bucket Updates - Separate Throttled up and down rates

In the past, when throttling was used a single throttle % was specified. This % then applied to both the upload and download rates to get the throttled upload and throttled download rates.

Fig 1. Different Bank Formats

Having the same % applied to both upload and download rates can cause problems where buckets are highly asymmetric. For example, if a bucket was 10Mb/s download and 512kbit/s upload, and it was desired to throttle download to 1Mb/s (i.e. 10%), this would have resulted in a throttled upload rate of just 51kbit/s which may have made the link unusable.

Now upload and download throttle rates can be specified independently so appropriate rates can be chosen for both upload and download rates:

Fig 2: Updated Bucket Rates Page showing separate upload and download throttle rates


  1. If the "Throttled down rate" is not specified, or set to 0, throttling will not be applied.
  2. If the "Throttled up rate" is not specified, or set to 0, it will default to the "Throttled down rate".
  3. The change only affects the display / entry of data - all existing bucket rates and throttling rates remain unchanged in the database and there is no change to the throttling functionality.
  4. With the change in place, all existing throttled download and upload rates should be reviewed and adjusted as required.

Published Date: 25/May/2020

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