2013-4Q (v002): Billing: Upgrade Customer Subscription

A new feature has been added to the SIMPLer system to allow Operators to upgrade / downgrade customer subscriptions and change customer billing date. This feature has been developed for Operators who:

    • must change customer package in the middle of the month and they want SIMPLer to automatically credit any products from the last invoice for a remaining period

    • must change customer package in the middle of the month and they want SIMPLer to automatically prorate any new products added

    • must change customer "next invoice date" and generate invoice for a prorated period

Benefits of the feature:

a) if a customer will need to upgrade/downgrade a package mid-month and you wish for their invoicing date to stay as standard going forward. Using this option, you will generate a custom invoice that will credit out the prorated amount of the remaining period on the last recurring invoice. It will also add a prorated amount of the products listed under the customer's subscriptions to a custom invoice.

b) Moving an invoice date forward and invoicing for the days between the old and new invoice dates as a custom invoice.

NOTE: Only products with a disabled "turn off prorated billing" flag will get prorated. The custom invoice generated will be included in recursive billing.

Feature is available under customer subscription page (Fig. 1). It is not available if a customer does not have any recurring invoices generated.

Fig. 1. Customer Subscription page

There are couple of fields:

    • Upgrade Date - The date of the upgrade will default to today's date. Please change if the upgraded invoice should start on a previous/future date.

    • Next Invoice Date - The next invoice date will be the date for invoicing going forward. In most cases this will be the 1st date of the month. Note that this date must not be lower than the current "next invoice date" on your customer's account.

    • Email upgraded invoice now? - If set to "yes" (only for customers with send method "email to customer" or "both"), the invoice will automatically be emailed immediately to your customer. Set to "no" for send via post customers or for verification prior to sending.

Example of usage:

    1. Customer John Doe has been invoiced for 33$ (30$ + 3$ (10% tax)) on 1st September 2013.

    2. On 16th September 2013 customer John Doe has had their package upgraded to 66$/month ( 60$ + 6$ (10% tax))

    3. To upgrade customer's package Operator

      • has selected "Upgrade Subscription" checkbox

      • changed Customer product (has deleted old product or has changed its "Valid To" date and has added new product)

      • set "Upgrade Date" to 16th September 2013

      • set "Next Invoice Date" to 1st Oct 2013

      • set "Email upgraded invoice now?" to "No" in order to verify prorated invoice before sending to the customer

      • clicked "Update Subscription" button

    4. SIMPLer system has automatically generated prorated customer invoice with the following positions:

      1. Credit for period from 16th September 2013 to 01 Oct 2013 (15 days) : - 16.50$ (15$ + 1.50$ (10% tax))

      2. Prorated price of new product (15 days) : 33 $ (30$ + 3$ (10% tax))

      3. Total amount of the invoice 33$ - 16.50 $ = 16.50$

    1. SIMPLer system has automatically set next invoice date to be 1st Oct 2013