2022-1Q: [ACC] Custom Invoice from Maintenance Ticket

A new feature has been added to improve the maintenance ticket functionality and the ability to invoice customers for work related to the ticket.

It is now possible to invoice a customer, using a custom invoice, directly from the maintenance ticket.

To make use of this feature:

1. Two custom fields need to be set up

Hover over => Settings => click Custom Fields => Add row

Fields to add:

  • Amount Nett – this should be blank by default

  • Product – this should have a default product ID set (in the example below the product ID is 52)

Fig 1: Custom Fields required for Maintenance Custom Invoice

2. Hover over => Settings => click Modify WISP

Go to the “Maintenance Ticket – Custom Invoice” section and enter the Custom Field IDs that represent the Amount & Product

(in the example below the custom field ID for Amount is 25 and 24 for Product, taken from the recently created custom fields)

Fig 2: WISP Setting for Maintenance Custom Invoice

3. When the above is configured the custom fields will appear in the maintenance ticket.

When closing the ticket you are able to enter any value into the amount field which will generate a custom invoice when closing the maintenance ticket. It is only possible to generate a single custom invoice per ticket. Other details (like taxes) will be pulled from the selected product’s settings.

Fig 3: Maintenance Ticket on Close - Billable Fields for Custom Invoice

Fig 4: Example of a Custom Invoice created from Maintenance Ticket

Published Date: 23-March-2022

Engineer: PD

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