2021-3Q: [MAP] Google Map - Installer & Installation Date

A new feature has been added to enhance the map functionality on Google Maps within SIMPLer. It allows for an operator to search for Installers assigned to Maintenance Tickets as well as search based on date and times (AM/PM) of scheduled work. This assists with planning and also installer's efficiency.

To make use of this feature:

1. Go to Google Map on SIMPLer

2. Under "Maintenance", on the right hand side of the screen, select the Maintenance ticket type/s you would like to display, then change the dropdown to "Installer Assigned". Now you are able to toggle certain installers on and off to view their jobs on the map.

Fig 1: Maintenance Ticket Types - Installer Assigned Search

3. You are able to enter search criteria based on Scheduled Date and an option to check for “today” “tomorrow” or “1 week”.

We have also included a visual representation of AM vs. PM work on the map.

Fig 2: Maintenance Ticket Types -Installer & Installation Date

Published Date: 18-October-2021

Engineer: PD

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