2018-3Q: CRM: Maintenance Types Customise Default Description

A new feature has been added to enhance the ticket functionality. It allows for an operator to hard code comments to new tickets in order to provide additional information e.g. steps to be carried out when a specific ticket type is chosen.

To make use of this feature:

- hover over menu Maintenance and select Ticket Types

ticket type

- Enter the Default Description (e.g. action, steps, information) to show under a specific ticket type.

In the below example we entered a default description for ticket type 'accounts' as follows: 1. first step, 2. next step, 3. call customer, 4. finalize).

- Update to save the settings

default description

- Hover over menu Maintenance and select Add Ticket - to create a new ticket

add ticket

- When the ticket type, for which a default description was added, is created, in our example it would be ticket type 'accounts' - the description is automatically populated in the Description field, see red box in below screenshot.

Ticket with default description