Hotspot: Customer Details - Token Management Page updates

New feature has been added to enhance the Hotspot Token manipulation - particularly on customer details pages. The token management page will now open in a popup window - which allows CSR to stay on the customer details page. It makes navigation much seamless as it is easier to go back to customer page. Also three new option have been added to the page:

  1. Product - this dropdown allows to change the product a token is assigned to

  2. Auto-Renew - allows to turn on/off Auto-Renew feature

  3. Auto-Recharge - allows to turn on/off Auto-Recharge feature

To make use of this feature:

1. Click on "E"

Fig 1.Hotspot Tokens section on Customer Details page

2. Perform management actions as required from the popup window

Fig 2.Token management popup page

Useful link to :

    • Auto-Renew

    • Auto-Recharge

Published Date: 1/Apr/2019

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