2012-2Q (v002): Authorization Codes for CC/E-echeck transactions

A new feature has been added to the SIMPLer system that allows users to view Authorization/Approval Codes returned from the payment gateway to the SIMPLer system. This feature is limited to a small group of users. In order to allow user view authorization codes, they have to had "customers->payment authorization codes" user rights enabled (Fig. 1).

Fig.1. User Rights

Authorization Codes are saved each time CC or E-check transaction takes place (EUP Payment, Captive Portal Payment, SIMPLer CC / E-check Payment, Auto-Payment).

NOTE: This is currently enabled for IPPay and Authorize.NET. If it does not work for your payment gateway, please contact support@azotel.com to discuss integration.

Authorization/Approval Codes can be viewed from Invoices->Payment Authorization Codes link (Fig. 2) - all customers or from customer details page - quick links section (Fig. 3).

Example page is displayed below (Fig. 4)

Fig.2. Invoices -> Payment Authorization Codes

Fig.3. Customer Details - Quick Links

Fig 4. Payment Authorization Codes Page

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