2012-4Q (002): Network: Close Stalled Sessions

The 'Close Stalled Sessions' feature for RADIUS servers has been implemented. This feature allows the operator to manually run a script that will close in the RADIUS database sessions categorised as "stalled". This tool might be very helpful in situations where issues with communication between the RADIUS server and NASes caused the sessions to go out of sync and there is an immediate need to clean the stalled sessions. A good example are cases where operators use 'Simultaneous-Use' radius check attribute.

Note, that by default, SIMPLer RADIUS system scans the RADIUS sessions and removes ones that are in a "stalled" state for more than 24 hours, but this will not help immediately. The reason the system does not clean all the stalled sessions immediately (or after a couple minutes) is because the system waits for NAS'es coming back from network issues where old sessions remained active. In this scenario, closing a session while the NAS is unaccessible could result in logging an additional, duplicate session when the NAS comes back online, which would lead to duplicate billing issues.

The 'Close Stalled Sessions' tools is available under "RADIUS" -> "Usage Details" page.

The 'Close Stalled Sessions' tool allows the operator to choose what database the cleanup be run on (in case an operator has multiple RADIUS servers) and what Grace Period shall be used. Note that sessions will be classified as "current" if the time since their last update falls into the Grace Period. Otherwise, the session will be classified as closed.

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