2019-3Q: SIMPLer: Weekly Throttling

A new feature has been added to the system that allows the Operators to throttle customers at a certain level on a weekly basis. The Operator has an option to define a weekly traffic limit per customer and if the customer exceeds their limit they will be throttled down to the specific speeds (defined under bucket settings) until next day when calculation happens again

In order to enable the feature one has to go to Settings -> Cronjobs and enable the following script: "Weekly CAP": (See Fig. 1).

Fig. 1. Weekly CAP under Cronjobs

It is recommended to run it once per day at 00:05 so throttling/unthrottling calculation gets data usage from last 7 days.

Also note that at the beginning of the month only data usage from the current month will be taken into account.

There is one option called "Send Method":

- No email - Email will not be sent when a customer is throttled.

- Email Customer - The customer will get an email to the email address specified under "Email" field of their record, informing them they have been throttled.

- Send Only To Operator - Only the operator will receive the notification (to the email address specified under operator "Email" field of the Settings - Modify WISP page)

Another option is "Default Weekly Allowance" - if it is used then it will be applied to every product that has monthly allowance enabled - so one needs to be aware it will affect entire database (this can be overwritten by "weekly traffic limit" under Products/Customers which is recommended to use).

In order to use the "Send Method" feature the following customization must be made. Under WISP Settings (Settings - Modify WISP) in the Operator Email section please specify the following email type: "customer_weekly_cap".

Fig. 2. Operator Emails

The following needs to be set in order to make use of the feature:

    • Buckets must have throttling enabled (either by setting the throttling percentage for WIB networks or setting the flag from No to Yes and adding appropriate "throttled" type RADIUS group.

Fig.3. Buckets setup

    • The product that the customer is subscribed to must have the "Weekly Traffic Limit" set or is is set up (overwritten) under Customer Network Details (or use global percentage as in the Fig.1).

Fig. 4 Weekly Allowance

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