SIMPLer Mobile App: Equipment Scanning

The SIMPLer Mobile App now gives the ability to assign equipment that is already in SIMPLer's inventory to a subscriber or a site. Note that a site can also be setup to track a trucks inventory or warehouse inventory.

Accessing the SIMPLer Mobile App:

Note that the App version to SIMPLer is already available to all users of SIMPLer. It can be accessed by clicking on the MOBILE APP button at the

Top Right Hand Corner of the regular desktop version.

First time users of the app can find some documentation at the following link on how to navigate and find customers (

Assign equipment that is already in SIMPLer's inventory to a site using the barcode scanner:

1) Click on the Upload Equipment to Site button on the mobile app.

Upload Equipment to Site

Fig. 1. Mobile App upload equipment

2) Select the site to assign the equipment to, in the select site dropdown (Fig 2) there should be a list of all the sites.

3) Click on the barcode icon (Fig 2), this will open up the camera, the browser will likely ask for permission to use the camera click allow.

4) When the barcode has been scanned the value will get placed in the text-box below, click the add button and it will query/search your inventory for that specific barcode (searches if its a MAC address or Serial), if the equipment is found it will be possible to assign it to the site.

5) Once the equipment is assigned to the site it will show up in the assigned equipment table also any equipment that is already assigned will show up here.

Scan Equipment

Fig. 5. Scanner Page


The scanner searches for the equipments MAC address or the serial number as these are unique identifiers to find the specific equipment. Any equipment in the inventory database must have one of these fields set in order for the assignment to work.

Assign equipment that is already in SIMPLer's inventory to a customer:

This process is very similar to the site assignment.

1) This scanner is located on customers detail page on the app, under Network->Equipment details, a little + button is visible on the right side, click this to open the scanner.

2) Click on the barcode icon to open the camera and scan the barcode, once scanned it will add it to the textbox, click Search and if found you can assign it to the customer.

Published Date: May 13, 2019

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