Aged Debtor Mass Email

This feature allows operator to use customer search page to find customers with a balance due and then click on 'mass mail' to send an email to the group of customers found.

To get a list of the desired group of customers, there are 3 fields that can be completed.

Fig. 1 Customer Search Page - Ageing Mass Email Fields

Balance Minimum Age (Days)

This section allows to indicate how old the balance due is, taking invoice date into account.

For example if today is the 12th and 11 is entered as the minimum amount of days to look back for due balances, invoices generated on the first (12-11=1) are not included.

This field should always be completed for the feature to be activated.

Aged Balance Minimum Amount Owed

This section gives to possibility to exclude customers with a certain amount due. For example typing in 1 will exclude customers who have no aged balance. Typing in 30, will list customers with a balance due of 30 and higher. Amounts due lower than 30 will not be included.

Using this field assists an operator to exclude customers who only have a current invoice due, hence there is a total amount outstanding but no ageing balance.

Total Balance Minimum Amount Owed

Completing this section allows to additionally define what the total minimum balance due is that needs to be included in the list. If for example 300 is entered. Customers with a total balance due of 300 and higher will be listed.

NOTE: Customers who have a credit balance are not included in the list.


If an operator wants to send a mass email to customers with invoices older than 30 days informing them on their balance due. Where customer total balance due is 10 or greater and has a zero ageing balance the following would need be completed:

Fig. 2 List of Ageing Customers

Variable in email body

The following variable was added to allow inclusion of the outstanding balance to the email send to customers.


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CRM: Enhancements to Mass Email Feature

Published Date: May 13, 2020

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