2020-3Q: Lorex Marketing Integration

A new feature has been added to enable Lorex Marketing integration.

Operators will first need to contact Lorex in order for them to set up an FTP server. Lorex will send through FTP credentials which will then allow this integration.

To make use of this feature:

1. Go to => Settings

=> External File Storage

Add Blank Row

Change the Name to “SFTP” and select a Label, in this example - Lorex.

Enter: Directory

Host (Server IP address)


Port, which must be 22


*These details will be provided by Lorex

=> Update Table

Go back to External File Storage and make a note of the ID, in this example - 1

Fig 1 External File Storage

2. Next create a custom field

Hover over “Settings”

=> Custom Fields

=> Add Row and under “Label” type “No. to Mail”

=> Update

Go back to Custom Field and make note of the ID and name, in this example it is 17 – No. to Mail

Fig 2 Custom Field

3. Next create a cronjob

=> Settings

=> Cronjobs

=> Add Blank Row

From the scroll list select “Auto Reports” and select report “Lorex Marketing”

Change the day it runs to once a week on a Wednesday morning

Enter: Email address where the report should be sent

select skip email

select external storage from the newly created entry which was noted number in step 1, eg. 1

add in the operator's WISP name under “Lorex ISP Account Number”

Select the custom field from the newly created entry from step 2, eg. No. to Mail

=> Update Cronjobs

Fig 3 Lorex Cronjob

4. This report can also manually be accessed

Hover over “Tools”

=> Reports

Select “Lorex Marketing”

Change “No. of Emails” to the Custom Field created, eg. No. to Mail

=> Generate

Then Export to XLS which displays more information

The XLS report will contain the following sheets:

"Activation Addresses" - addresses of customers activated in the last 7 days

"Suppression File" - all addresses of current customers activated older than 7 days

"Inactive Disconnects" - addresses of customers who went to post in the last 7 days

Fig 4 Download Lorex Report

Published Date: [17-July-2020]

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