2022-1Q: [ACC] Aged Debtor Report - additional options for automatic report

A new feature has been added to improve the functionality of the Aged Debtor Report.

It is now possible to set the cronjob to filter based on Customer Group, Period Mode and to specify the Period of the report.

To make use of this feature:

1. Go to => Settings => Cronjobs

Add Blank Row and select => Auto Reports => Aged Debtor

  • Group - Select the Customer Group, if desired

  • Period Mode - Select which type of detail you require (default / calendar_months / custom_periods)

  • Periods (Comma Separated) - Select the periods. Please note there should be no space between the numbers only a comma

Fig 1: Aged Debtor Cronjob - Group & Periods

It is also possible to download this report from => Tools => Reports and make use of the newly added filters

Fig 2: Aged Debtor Report

Published Date: 29-March-2022

Engineer: PD

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