2011-3Q: SIMPLer: New SAND options: 'Carry Over unused top ups to next month' & 'Prorate initial month usage flag'

Two new options were added to SAND (Subscriber Auto Notification / Disconnection) setup in SIMPLer:

    • Flag to turn on/off carrying over the unused top-up usage to the next month - by default the top ups will carry over

    • Flag to turn on/off prorating of the CAP in the initial month of service - by default the CAP for the first month is PRORATED (calulated from monthly allowance based on the number of days customer will be getting service) - this flag let's operator to give the full CAP to a customer in the first month regardless of the number of days he has service in this initial month

Both features can be enabled globally under the 'operator details page' and than overriden on a case by case basis at the customer level from 'modify customer network details' page.

'Modify Operator Details' page:

'Modify customer Network Details' page

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