2010-1Q: BILLING: Ability to define an "Invoicing ID" counter

A new option has been added to SIMPLer, which allows Operators to define a "per operator" counter for Invoicing ID automatic generation. If this option is NOT used, then the sequence is shared by all Operator instances on that Server. In addition, an Operator with multiple instances on a server can now share the one counter across those instances by keeping the counter name the same.

In this example, "test" is the name of the Instance and consequently this is a convenient name for the Counter - but any name can be used.

This option is available on a global basis to the Operator under the general Operator settings i.e. "Users->Modify WISP".

Under the main "Modify WISP" page:

(1) Go to the "SIMPLer Settings" section

(2) Set the "Invoicing ID Auto Generation" flag to 'on' (see below).

(3) Once turned on a new "Customer Invoicing ID" will be automatically generated each time a new customer is added to SIMPLer. The specified "Invoicing ID Counter" will be used to determine the next number in the sequence.

(4) It is recommended that the Operator Instance ID be used as the "Invoicing ID Counter" name. However, as mentioned above, you can specify the same "Invoicing ID Counter" across more than one Operator Instance if desired.

NOTE: If "Invoicing ID Counter" is left blank the system will use a global (per server) counter. It should also be noted that if the same counter is used for Invoicing ID and nickname, these will be shared, so it is good to set a different counter for Invoicing ID and nickname if you would like these numbers to move up by one figure each time.

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