2009-4Q: BILLING: Ability to disable emailing of "Banking Information"

A new option has been added to SIMPLer, which allows Operator to decide whether or not Banking Information files (i.e. winbits files) should be sent via email.

This option is available on a global basis to the Operator under the general Operator settings i.e. "Settings->Modify WISP".

Under the main Settings - "Modify WISP" page:

(1) Go to the "Banking Details" section (under "Operator Emails").

(2) Please find the "Email Banking Information" flag as highlighted.

(3) When set "on" (default), WINBITS files are sent via email to the Operator.

(4) Disabling the option stops sending the emails.

Note that Winbits files can also be downloaded from SIMPLer via "Invoices (TAB) -> Lodgements" page.

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