2011-3Q: SIMPLer: Minimum Stock Level for Install Crews

New feature has been added that allows set a minimum stock level for install crews, and have alert triggered if stock falls below the level. Setting up minimum stock level is possible under site details (i.e. network -> site -> add/edit site) - Fig. 1

Fig. 1. Site Details

It is also possible now to define site type - "Network", "Warehouse", "Installer". By default site is created as "Network". If equipment in stock (fig. 2) reaches its minimum level defined email is sent to the email address associated with given site (if email address is not specified email will be sent to operators maintenance email address or operators support email address or finally to operators general email address) - fig. 3

Fig. 2. Equipment in stock

Fig. 3. Alert Email example

Adding/removing equipment from stock is possible by modifying "Assigned To Site" field in equipment details or it is done automatically while auto-provisioning equipment.

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