2011-3Q: SIMPLer: Session Disconnection (PoD) Interface

A manual interface for RADIUS session disconnection has been implemented in SIMPLer. It can be used to send disconnection packets to NAS devices in operator network requesting a session disconnection. Note that this requires the PoD packets supported and enabled on the NAS device (various NAS devices will provide a different level of support for this feature).

In SIMPLer navigate to "radius ->Usage Details" or using the "View Sessions.." link from customer details page. In the "Active Sessions" tab you can find a "D" (disconnect) button on each seassion row. Clicking this button will bring up an interface to a disconnection page.

From the "Disconnet Sesion Tool" page operator can request disconnecting the session. This will send PoD packet to the NAS which, if it supports this feature, in turn will disconnect the session and report back to RADIUS server.

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