2010-4Q: SIMPLer: Landing Page

A new feature has been added to the SIMPLer system that allows a User to select the landing page that they will see after logging in to SIMPLer.

This functionality is available under “Users->Modify Users” page (Fig.1)

Fig. 1. "Modify Users" page.

For now there are a few pages available to be selected. Requests for more pages to be added to the drop-down list should be sent to support@azotel.com.

The “Customer Status” page is a new page developed for users to quickly view customers with a particular status. The table with list all customers current in the selected status. Users not using this page as their default landing page can directly access it from “Customers->Display Customers by status” (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2. Link to “Customers Status” page

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