2010-3Q: PROVISIONING: "Provision Now" support for Alvarion BreezeACCESS VL SU

SIMPLer has been updated to support provisioning of Alvarion BreezeACCESS VL SU (CPE). From a SIMPLer perspective the process for provisioning an Alvarion SU is identical to other equipment types. In particular the customer account must be setup as follows:

    • The customer status must be "waiting for install"

    • There must be no IP addresses or equipment assigned to the customer account

    • The Gateway, Traffic Shaping Bucket, Auto-Prov IP type and Auto-Prov NAT fields should be set to appropriate values on the customer details network tab.

One exception is that the Alvarion BreezeACCESS VL SU only operates in "bridge" mode - the Auto-Prov NAT fields will be ignored if the CPE is detected to be an Alvarion SU.

The steps required by the installer are as follows:

    • Use telnet, or any other appropriate tools, to set the CPE as follows:

      • Configure the wireless settings to connect to the correct AU - the exact commands needed will depend on the AU (e.g. SSID, frequency, security settings, etc).

      • Set the unit name to the customer nickname

        • "2 - Unit Control" -> "3 - Change Unit Name"

      • Set the installer IP on the device (and subnet mask and default gateway if required)

        • "3 - Basic Configuration" -> "1 - IP Address"

      • Ensure that management (SNMP) access is enabled from the wireless interface, and there are no restrictions on the accessing IPs:

        • "5 - Advanced Configuration" -> "3 - Network Management Parameters"

          • For "1 - Access to Network Management", set this to 3 (both wireless and ethernet)

          • For "2 - Network Management Filtering", set this to 0 (disabled)

      • Set the admin password (which is also the SNMP read-write community string) to match the SNMP Community String on the WISP settings page - SIMPLer will use this community string to access the device to provision it. If the community string is incorrect, SIMPLer will not be able to provision the SU

        • "2 - Unit Control" -> "4 - Change Password" -> "3 - Change Administrator Password"

      • Reboot the device to save the settings:

        • "2 - Unit Control" -> "1 - Reset Unit" -> 1

    • Once the CPE has rebooted and connected to the AU, provision the CPE in SIMPLer by going to tools and selecting "Provision Now".

The following SU firmware versions have been tested - others may also work:

  • 5.2.11

    • 5.0.18


    • As mentioned above, NAT is not supported on the SU, and so will be ignored - a warning message will be printed if NAT is enabled in the customer account.

    • The CPE tool (accessed by clicking the "P" or "S" on the customer details Equipment details will display information live from the device.

    • If "Set SM password after auto-provision" is enabled on the WISP setting page, both the installer and the administrator passwords will be set to the equipment password given in the WISP settings page. Note that the admin password is also used by the SU as the SNMP read-write community string.

    • SNMP access restrictions will be set automatically unless the "Auto-Provision - Do not set SNMP access restrictions on SM" flag is set in the WISP settings page is set.