2010-4Q: SIMPLer: WIB static routing

A new feature has been added to the SIMPLer system that allows Operators to add static routes to the SIMPLer database that can later be sent out to the WIB in order to give the WIB access to the specified subnets.

Note: WIB static routes works with WIB firmware version 20101216 or later. If you would like to use this feature, please contact support@azotel.com in order to have your WIB updated to the latest version of firmware.

In the main menu click "network" and go to "Gateways Details" tab (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1. "View Routes" link

Each row contains information about WIBs assigned to the Operator instance. There is "Routes View" (or (R) circle) that will take you to the page that allows you to add, modify or delete routes from SIMPLer database (Fig 2).

Fig. 2. "WIB routes" table

Adding/modifying/deleting routes is very intuitive. Subnet and interface (nexthop) through which subnet is accessible must be specified. Clicking "Update" will store information about the routes in SIMPLer database. In order to update WIB files it is required to go to the "tools->Update WIB files", select appropriate WIB and click "Submit". Confirmation will show up (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3. WIB files updated

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