2022-2Q: [ACCS] Bulk downloading Invoices by timeframe

We have recently added the ability to bulk email invoices to an operator within a specified timeframe.

This will merge and send out the batch of invoice PDFs, as a single file, to the email address of the requesting user. The number of invoices depends on the search criteria. The maximum is 1,500 invoices per file, i.e., if 1,500 is exceeded then there will be second file created etc.

To make use of this feature:

1. Go to => Invoices

=> View Invoice List / Search

Fig 1: View Invoice List / Search

2. Enter the search criteria and click => View Invoice List / Search

3. Click the Email button and the file will be emailed to the user

Fig 2: Email batch PDF file

For security reasons you will need to be logged into SIMPLer to be able to download the PDF/s.

Published Date: 12-July-2022

Engineer: PD

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