2010-2Q: PROVISIONING: Ability To Provide Notes When Provisioning

A new feature has been added to SIMPLer which gives the installer the ability to add notes to the customer’s account when provisioning their subscriber module.

Since the ability to add “Provisioning Notes” is an optional feature in SIMPLer and is turned off by default, the operator must enable it in the Modify WISP page (i.e. users > Modify WISP details).

The provisioning notes option can be found about half-way down the page under “SIMPLer Settings”. Possible values are simply “on” and “off”.

If the operator chooses to enable “Provisioning Notes”, a text area will be present underneath the “IP Address of SM” text field on the “Miscellaneous Tools” page when the “Provision Now” action is selected from the drop-down menu (i.e. tools > Provision Now).

The text area is pre-populated with the following template data:

[<user>, <date> <time>]


CC: Up Pwr/Jit: Down Pwr/Jit: BER:

Link Test Up: Down:

Speed Up: Down:

Speedtest.Net Up: Down: Ping:


The installer can populate these fields with the data from the install before clicking the submit button. If the provision is successful, the data given here will be appended to the top of the customer’s “note” field, which is visible when looking at the customer’s details.

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