2015-4Q: Billing: Every [N] Invoices behaviour

A new option has been added to the WISP settings to allow operator to decide when setting subscriptions to appear every [N] invoices (where N is a number) if it should count ALL invoices (including custom invoices) or if recurring invoices should also display.

The Option is located under the Settings tab on the Modify WISP page, and is called "Billing - Every [N] Invoices count", as per Fig. 1. The options available are "all invoices" or "only recurring invoices".

Fig. 1: Every [N] invoices count

A new section has been added on the subscription details section to show when you have subscriptions in this every [N] invoices status, and it will indicate the next day it will appear on the invoice, as per Fig. 2.

Fig. 2: Future Periodic Products