2012-3Q (v002) Billing: Receive Payment - process in background

The 'Receive Payment' page has been updated to process the payments in the background going forward. This should improve cases where a large number of Payments are processed in one batch.

Along with this feature, a 'Payment Transactions Log' has been implemented - this is a page from where an operator can get to the summary details of the 'Receive Payment' process at any time in the future. The 'Payments Transaction Log' is available from "Invoices" page and will keep the details for ALL 'Reviced Payments' regardless if the actual Lodgements / Prepayments still exist in the system.

Receive Payment flow after updates:

    • 'Receive payments' page

    • After submitting the payment - the SIMPLer user will be displayed the page below, where an operator can either:

    1. wait for the process to finish - and see the summary page

    2. navigate away from this page and come back for the summary later - using the 'Payment Transactions Log' page

    • Summary Page

The operator can get to the summary page of each 'Receive Payment' transaction through the 'Payment Transaction Log' page

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