2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Customer Bandwidth Usage Source

Customer account bandwidth usage details, that are widely used in the system to create customer usage summaries as well as being used by SAND (Subscriber Auto Notification & Disconnection) system were generated by either:

    • WIB controller

    • or RADIUS

A new option has been added to the above - customer bandwidth usage detail can be created from a "Traffic" profile of the "primary" CPE attached to the customers account.

This opens a lot of new possibilities - as now operator can poll the traffic profile from CPE w/o having the WIB in line or even RADIUS used for AAA (or in situations where Wireless equipment does not support loggin the Accounting to a RADIUS server).

From 'Modify Operator' page, operators can choose either the 'Customer Bandwidth Usage' come from:

    • wib / radius - this covers the standard setup where Usage details come from either WIB or RADIUS server

    • from CPE traffic profile (where available) - if the CPE attached to customer account does not have traffic profile it will fall back to WIB / RADIUS option. In case of multiple CPE devices, it will take the first one with traffic profile available - with the 'Primary CPE' (which can be set under customer CPE details) taking a precedence

This 'per operator' option can be overriden per each gateway. If the 'default' option is used - option set under 'gateway' or if that is also set to 'default' - 'operator account' will be used.

This option can also be overriden on the customer level. If the 'default' option is used - option set under 'operator account' will be used.

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