2011-3Q: BILLING: Import Non-EFT payments from CSV file

A new feature has been added to SIMPLer enabling operator to import Non-EFT payments from CSV files. This feature might be very helpful when processing batches of payments from bank statements etc.

The import feature is available under "invoices -> Custom Non-EFT Payments" as presented on the below screenshot.

A new section has been added to this page , that allow uploading CSV files with payment information. Note that the CSV file should have only three columns in the following order:

    • Customer's Invoicing ID - required

    • Amount - required

    • Narrative - optional

Note that only rows that can be crossreferenced with an existing account in SIMPLer will be uploaded.

SIMPLer will generate a summary upload page after the file is processed. Operator should verify the imported data before submitting it into the system.

Once the import is processed a summary page will be displayed. All payments allocated against outstanding invoices will be listed. Additionally, in cases where the payment amount was actually bigger that the outstanding amount on all invoices, a prepayment record will be created.

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