2021-2Q: [ACC] Duplication Alert when attempting to add a Duplicate Payment

We have implemented a "Duplication Alert" feature for the “Receive Payments” page.

This will be displayed upon detecting :

  • A similar payment processed on the same day

  • A payment with the same amount and narrative (description)

When hovering over the "Duplication Alert" there will be a list of payments that were already processed that are similar to the one that you are attempting to process.

Fig 1: Duplication Alert

It is important for an operator to manually review these alerts as some may not be duplicates, e.g. if a customer uses the same Invoice Number when making a payment.

If they are not duplicates it is safe to carry on and upload the file.

If there are duplicates then that line should be ticked and deleted

Fig 3: Delete Duplicate Transaction

Published Date: 24-May-2021

Engineer: MG

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