2015-3Q: Maintenance: Saved Searches

It is now possible for an operator to save searches made on the maintenance page. These searches could be conveniently clicked on later to get back to a frequently used search.

The "saved searches" section is located on the Maintenance tab in SIMPLer as highlighted in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1: Saved Searches

To view your saved searches simply hover over the Saved Searches box as highlighted in Fig. 2. This page will show all of your own searches by default. If you are currently in a "saved" search, this will show by highlighting the line in GREY. If you wish to access a different saved search you can click on the line and the page will refresh to this search. Clicking on "show all" will bring up ALL saved searches by all users in the instance.

Fig. 2: Saved Searches Default

On the "show all" page you can see all results, as per Fig. 3. However, you can only delete your own searches once they are no longer required. To switch back to see only your own searches click "show mine".

Fig. 3: All Saved Searches

To create a new search, simply filter the manage maintenance table to your liking. Then type a description of the search in the "save as" box. Assign a priority (the results will show with 1 as the highest priority) and click "view maintenance list/search.

Fig. 4: Saving a Search

The search will now be saved under the appropriate priority and can be used again.

Fig. 5: Recently Saved Search