2021-2Q: [ACC] Adding a Manual Refund

A new feature has been added to enhance the ability of processing a refund with a different amount to the invoice or payment received.

An operator can make use of this feature when wanting to manually enter a refund amount with a restriction so that the refund may not be higher than the original payment amount. An error message will state if the amount is higher than original payment amount.

To make use of this feature:

1. Take a look at the original invoice that needs to have a manual partial refund applied. Note that the correct products and taxes as per the original invoice need to be used. See example below of the paid original invoice for 63.30

Fig 1: View original invoice and verify products and taxes

2. Generate a negative custom invoice (with the correct products/taxes/amounts as per the original invoice) . See example below of the negative custom invoice for -31.65 with the same products and taxes

Fig 2: Generate a negative custom invoice

3. Click “Refund” next to the newly created negative invoice

Fig 3: Click Refund

4. Select the previous payments to be refunded under “Refund Details”.

  • Select the date of the refund.

  • Ensure that the same payment interface is used so it makes a transaction against the original source of payment.

  • Enter the relevant information in the “Reference” and “Narrative” fields

5. Lastly click "Process Refund” and the negative invoice will be marked as paid and the customer will be refunded.

Fig 4: Select Payment Interface and Process Refund

Published Date: 18-May-2021

Engineer: PD

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