2015-3Q: Billing: SEPA Lodgement date options

A new option has been added to SIMPLer under Settings - Modify WISP (Fig. 1) that will allow operators who are using SEPA for payments to decide if the date on the SEPA lodgement should be the file processing date (the date the file is submitted to SEPA for processing) or the debit collection date (the date the money will hit the operator's account). The lodgement date will define what date the money will be considered as received in SIMPLer.

Fig. 1: Settings - Modify WISP

The new option can be found under the WISP Settings in "Customer Bank Account Details / EFT Options" and is called "SEPA: Lodgement Date". The default setting is to use the "Debit Collection Date" which is the date when money will hit the operator's account. "File Processing Date" is the date when the file is submitted to SIMPLer.

Fig. 2: SEPA: Lodgement Date