2014-4Q: Maintenance: Ticket Recipients

This feature explains the purpose of the ticket recipient field at the bottom of a maintenance ticket in SIMPLer. (Shown in Fig. 1).

Fig. 1: Ticket Recipient Field

Tickets can have default recipients (persons who will receive email notifications with ticket updates), these default recipients are determined by ticket type:

1) Azotel and Azotel-Feature ticket types:

The default email recipients will be set in your WISP Settings (Settings - Modify WISP) under the contact details section.

a) Tickets opened under types azotel and azotel-feature will go to the email specified under the maintenance email field.

b) If this field is not specified they will go to the supports email.

c) If this field is blank they will go to the email field.

Fig. 2: Azotel/Azotel-Feature Ticket defaults

2) All other ticket types:

Default email address(es) for all other ticket types, or selected ticket types can be set in the WISP settings under Automated Maintenance Issue Emails. In fig. 3 below, you can see that tickets of type engineering, support and azotel are set to go to both emma@azotel.com and sales@azotel.com.

Fig. 3: Maintenance destination for other types

In Fig. 4, you can see that an opened engineering ticket has populated the ticket recipient field automatically with the emails defined in Fig. 3.

Fig. 4: Default Emails for Engineering

3) Manual Additions:

A user opening or updating a ticket can add other email addresses to the distribution list for that particular ticket, manually. Simply add the next email with a comma separating it from the previous email. After the initial update, the default emails will show in green, and any other emails manually added will show in black, as per Fig. 5. Emails addresses can also be removed from the field.

Fig. 5: Extra Emails Added

4) Email Appearance:

By default the email will show as a plain text showing the updates and resolution. If you wish for it to show a link to the actual ticket in SIMPLer you can enable the setting Maintenance - Add SIMPLer links to email as shown in Fig. 6. You will find the setting in the WISP Settings.

Fig. 6: SIMPLer link

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