2012-4Q (v002): User Rights Templates Enhancements

User Rights Templates Management in SIMPLer has been enhanced to get a better overview and improve the set up of user templates.

1) All created templates are displayed under "Settings" page in SIMPLer (fig. 1).

2) An Operator can create a new template with status "Template Only" using "Add User Rights Template" button (fig. 1).

3) Template can be created in two ways:

A) Template Only - if an operator changes status of user to "template only" (fig. 2).

B) User as Template - the User remains a regular user but their user rights can be used as a template (fig. 3).

4) User Rights can be:

A) Self (fig. 4)

B) Set based on template and then independent of any template changes (fig. 5)

C) Overridden by template - any changes to the template will affect the user rights. Ensure that user rights are correct when you delete a template that has been in use! (fig. 6)

Fig. 1. User Rights Templates

Fig. 2. Template Only

Fig. 3. User as template

Fig. 4. Self user rights

Fig. 5. User rights set based on template

Fig. 6. Overriden user rights

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