2018-4Q: WithHolding Tax support

New feature has been added to the SIMPLer system that will allow Operator customers to pay nett amount of the invoice. Invoice will become paid but the Operator will need to get customers to get the remittance certificate that the tax has been paid directly.

Feature is available only at Remita and Interswitch payment gateways (in order to enable it please contact support@azotel.com to set payment gateway as WHT aware). Once it is enabled it will only be possible to use WHT option under customers who are eligible to use it - so it must be enabled on the customer account as well - under Modify Customer -> Banking Details (see Fig.1)

Fig.1 Withholding Tax option

When customer is set to use withholding tax the second entry will show up in their End User Portal to make WHT payment (Fig. 2)

Fig.2 Option under End User Portal

If WHT option is selected customer will be asked to pay only Nett Amount out of the invoice. In the example above if invoice is 5.00 and TAX is 10% customer will have to pay 4.50 over payment gateway and the invoice will become paid.

Operator's task is to make sure customer paid off TAX directly to the government. To simplify the effort new report has been added to the system under Totals Reports called "WithHolding Tax". This will list all invoices that were paid off using WHT option and the respective TAX amount that needs to be confirmed by a customer in the selected time period (see Fig. 3)

Fig. 3 Withholding Tax Report