2021-2Q: [ACC] Enabling Authorize.Net E-check / Direct Debit Auto Failures

A new feature has been added to enhance the reporting and logging of auto-failures within SIMPLer when Authorize.Net EFT payments are unsuccessful.

To make use of this feature:

1. Set up the flag under Payment Gateways.

This works with other parts of the system notifying them that auto-failures is enabled on the instance

    • Click on Settings => Payment Gateways

    • Look for the option under “authorizeNet_Echeck_token” called “"FAILURES_OVER_AUTO_FAILURES_POLLING". Set this to “1”

Fig 1: Payment Gateway - Failures Over Auto Failures Polling

2. Next set up a Cronjob to automatically run the script to capture any returned payments.

This option ensures that details are captured under the CC/E-Check Transaction Log and also that the payment is failed under the customer account in SIMPLer

  • Click on Settings => Cronjobs

  • Click “Add Blank Row” and select “Auto Failures”. This should be set to run daily after hours.

  • Ensure that the Payment Gateway selected is the “authorizeNet_Echeck_token”

  • Click “Update Cronjobs”

Fig 2: Cronjob - Auto Failures

3. Set EFT attempts under WISP Settings

This option is important and should not be set to “off” as this means that there are no restrictions with the number of EFT auto payment attempts.

This would result in a loop of retrying the customer payment endlessly. The number of attempts chosen can be from 1 -10.

We suggest setting this to “3”

  • Hover over “Settings” => Modify WISP

  • Search for “EFT Auto Payment attempts” and select the restriction for the number of failed attempts.

  • Click “Update WISP”

Fig 3: WISP Settings - EFT Auto Payment Attempts

To view the CC/E-Check Transaction Log hover over “Invoices” => Transaction Log

Fig 4: Details in CC/Transaction Log

The payment will automatically be failed under the customer account

Fig 5: Payment automatically failed under customer account

Published Date: 06-July-2021

Engineer: PD

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