2022-1Q: API Integration: Plume

SIMPLer is now integrated with the Plume API. This allows setting up a customer account in Plume from within SIMPLer in as streamlined a way as possible. The process can be completed via the SIMPLer Mobile APP.

Once set up the customer account status in Plume will be synchronised based on the subscription set in SIMPLer. This allows the control of upselling Plume services directly from SIMPLer subscriptions.

All the below features are configurable:

  • Display Plume section on the customer details page along with direct links to customer accounts in Frontline Tier 1 & Frontline Tier 2 & 3

Fig 1: Customer details - Plume Section

  • SIMPLer can create customer accounts in Plume, as well as modify some basic fields, i.e. Name, SSID

  • SIMPLer can synchronize equipment to Plume which will trigger the same action on Plume side (add / modify / delete equipment)

  • If equipment synchronization is turned on Installers can use the SIMPLer Mobile App to scan the equipment (with barcode / QR code from the box) into the customer account while installing

Plume Customer & Equipment reports are available as downloads (=> Tools => Reports) and can be set as cronjobs

  • Full customer list currently not available from Plume

  • Full equipment list currently not available from Plume

Fig 2: Plume Customer & Equipment Reports

To make use of this feature:

Detailed information on this integration can be found on our website www.azotel.com. Simply click on the documentation tab and S09-01 – Trigger Based Integration With External API Platforms, you will find it in Section 14, page 87.

If you do not have access to our documentation please contact a member of the Azotel support team at support@azotel.com

***Azotel strongly advises against operators setting the module up themselves. It is probably best to leave the process up to the Azotel engineering team.

Triggered based interface for remote APIs is documented under the below link:

2015-1Q: Triggered based interface for remote APIs

Published Date: 01-April-2022

Updated: 20-July-2022

Engineer: MG

Contact Azotel Support:

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