2010-2Q: CORE: Additional VLAN support

The WIB firmware has been updated to allow additional VLANs to be configured on the LAN2 (eth1) interface.

To add additional VLANs do the following:

    • WIB firmware needs to be version 20100518 or later - the current firmware version is displayed at the top of the WIB web configuration page - if you require your firmware to be updated, please contact support@azotel.com

    • In the WIB web interface ( on LAN3), set the "WIB additional VLAN networks" fields:

The sample above has and as additional subnets configured in VLAN 102. Multiple subnets, and multiple VLANs may be added. Each time the configuration is saved a new blank field will appear at the bottom in order to allow you to add additional entries.

    • If the primary IP range is to be on a VLAN, then use the "VLAN (customer interface)" field on the WIB web configuration as normal.

    • Once changes have been made, save the configuration and reboot the WIB.

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