2020-2Q: Ability to Email Customer from a Maintenance Ticket

A new feature has been added to enhance the functionality of maintenance tickets.

Operators are now able to send emails and attachments directly to customers from the maintenance ticket page. This is useful when an Operator would like to send a link to customers enabling them to rate the service received or if a customer would like to escalate an issue.

To make use of this feature:

1. Hover over "Settings"

Click => Modify WISP

Set up the “footer_email_customer” under “Operator Emails / SMS.

The template can be found at https://sites.google.com/a/azotel.com/wiki/simpler-features/frequently-asked-questions/how-to-change-default-email-text

Fig 1 Footer Fig 1 Footer Email Template

2. Ensure that the user right under customers “mass email” is selected

Fig 2 User Right Customers Mass Mail

3. The ticket details will be taken from the ticket Issue Number and the Problem Title, Fig 3, and will be pre-populated in the “E-mail Customer” section, Fig 4.

You are able to type a message to the customer and an attachment if you wish.

Fig 3 Ticket Details to be pre-populated

Useful link:

How to Change Default Email Text

Published Date: [20-July-2020]

Contact Azotel Support:

Need more help? Save time by creating a maintenance ticket to Azotel through your instance.