2022-2Q: [ACCS] Sales (nominal account detailed) report additions

New columns have been added to the Sales (nominal account detailed) report.

The columns added are as follows:

  • Customer Subaccount - reference to a customer sub-account whose subscription is effectively taken on the invoice

  • Total (CR-DR) – calculates the net of the Debits and Credits

  • Proration Coeff. – this works out the prorated customer equivalent making use of the gross product amount as the benchmark e.g. a customer that has been invoice for half a month would have a value of 0.5.

For non-prorated positions this will appear as "1 i.e., no proration.

** If this report is run prior to this feature development the past results will appear as "N/A".

Fig 1: Sales (nominal account detailed) report additional columns

Published Date: 15-July-2022

Engineer: PD

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