2020-1Q: EUP signature collection

A new feature has been added that adds in the ability to send custom contracts to customers and collect the customers signature.

To make use of this feature:

1. Navigate to the customer account.

2. Next to Generate Electronic Documents, you will se a button that says "Send Document To Customer" click this to bring up the document selection popup.

Fig 2.a Generate Electronic Document Section on customer details page

3. You can then select the document in the dropdown box you wish to send to the customer for signature collection, and click "Send Document".

Fig 3.a Popup of electronic document selection

4. You can view a list of documents that have already been sent and are waiting to be signed under the Pending Documents Section.

Fig 4.a Pending documents that are waiting to be signed

5. Once the customer has signed the document, the pdf will be visible under the electronic document section with the "added by" tag "EUP", it will also remove the pending document entry, so the link the customer receives by email wont be valid anymore.

Fig 5.a Last 5 electronic documents

Published Date: [11/03/2020]

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